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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Midland -- For Fans of Berserk's LiveJournal:

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Friday, May 17th, 2013
2:10 pm
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
7:12 pm

10) berserk
13) angel sanctuary
16) air gear
21) one piece
10) misc

here @ 37stitches
Monday, July 2nd, 2012
12:36 am
cosplay pics and questions

Hey all! Well first time posting in here and though I haven't seen anything against posting pics like cosplay, figured it couldn't hurt. I'm sure we've all seen some awesome cosplays out there for Berserk and I thought I'd share the hard work My friends and I put into our own Berserk cosplays.

I will warn people who have not read the manga and up to/past book 26, that these are spoiler pics.

Also yes the Guts is missing their mechanical arm and does not always have the eye closed. we tried to glue it hut with spirit gum among other things and it didn't work! LOL

shhh, spoilersCollapse )

For the rest*koff* Anyone go to Anime Expo or will be going to Comic con? Viz apparently has a booth up on the new Berserk movie at both cons. Has anyone hear anything on when an American release date might be on the first berserk movie or any other fun Berserk related news?

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
2:17 am
Some Berserk sketches
I've been a Berserk fan for a time not too very long, but I drew some sketches that I would like to share. ^^
Find 3 of them under the cutCollapse )
Monday, February 20th, 2012
8:39 pm
31 icons

Over here at my journal.
Saturday, November 26th, 2011
5:12 pm
33 icons

Over here at my journal.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
4:09 pm
Sales post HERE.

Offering for sale figures of Guts and Corkus, an artbook, two Guts/Griffith doujinshi, and two manga volumes, as well as items from various other fandoms.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
8:09 pm
So what do you think about the character designer for the movie being the same guy who did IdolM@ster?

A somewhat related link:

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
8:29 am
• 28 Queen Margot
• 30 Gundam Unicorn
• 35 Kimi ni Todoke
• 09 Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.
84 Misc.
• 08 Requests

Late Easter/early Cinco de Mayo goodies, anyone?

right here @ landfill
Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
9:39 pm
Friday, December 24th, 2010
5:40 pm
19 icons of Jill and Rosine:

Click here to see the rest.
Friday, December 10th, 2010
4:59 pm

80) Berserk
08) Angel Sanctuary
04) Dorohedoro

here @ 37stitches
Monday, November 15th, 2010
7:14 pm
So that's who Skully is....
Look familiar?Collapse )

Somebody has an appetite for Behelits, it seems. (From the show Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, if you're wondering.)
Friday, October 1st, 2010
9:55 am
Next one is up!

I don't read Japanese (let alone understand it) very well, but it's not THAT hard to figure out some of the posts on the official twitter: https://twitter.com/berserk_project


EDIT: Official page with the commercials is here: http://www.younganimal.com/berserk/cm/index.html
Monday, September 27th, 2010
12:38 pm
New Berserk anime in the works!
Yes, for real, this time!

ETA: A 15-SECOND TEASER TRAILER IS UP! 15 seconds of glorious, sexy animation. And if the tags are to be believed, Studio 4°C is animating it.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
8:11 pm
Selling Berserk manga, DVD, and PS2 game!
I'm getting rid of a lot of my stuff, including a bunch that I got when I lived in Japan. This includes my Berserk stuff, which is comprised of:

Manga volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 8-12 (Japanese)
Anime volume 1 (US)
PS2 game (Japanese)

There's also a buttload of stuff from other anime and videogames for sale too.

Here's a link directly to the Berserk stuff (lots of pics)

Here's the more bandwidth-friendly version
Sunday, April 25th, 2010
6:44 pm
Hi! Hope this doesn't seem like spam... if it does, please feel free to ignore/delete.
But I'm moving into my first apartment soon and don't have much space, so what this means it that I have to sacrifice(lolz) some manga. Including, unfortunately, Berserk...

I have the English translated, Dark Horse releases Vol.1-12 for sale. They do show some signs of use, but the the contents themselves are in great condition. I'm asking $50 for the whole set, and that's including shipping if you live within the US; that's more than $100 savings when you consider the original retail price. You could also buy the volumes individually for the prices listed under the cut. You can check out my sales feedback here to see proof that I'm an honest seller.

More info under the cut!Collapse )

Thanks for your time! ^^
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
11:01 am
SPAM! {38}
STOCK {17}
MISC {16}

Find the rest HERE @ narben
Thursday, March 18th, 2010
5:55 pm
I think you fine people will appreciate two of these guys in particular...

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