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cosplay pics and questions

Hey all! Well first time posting in here and though I haven't seen anything against posting pics like cosplay, figured it couldn't hurt. I'm sure we've all seen some awesome cosplays out there for Berserk and I thought I'd share the hard work My friends and I put into our own Berserk cosplays.

I will warn people who have not read the manga and up to/past book 26, that these are spoiler pics.

Also yes the Guts is missing their mechanical arm and does not always have the eye closed. we tried to glue it hut with spirit gum among other things and it didn't work! LOL

shhh, spoilersCollapse )

For the rest*koff* Anyone go to Anime Expo or will be going to Comic con? Viz apparently has a booth up on the new Berserk movie at both cons. Has anyone hear anything on when an American release date might be on the first berserk movie or any other fun Berserk related news?

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Sales post HERE.

Offering for sale figures of Guts and Corkus, an artbook, two Guts/Griffith doujinshi, and two manga volumes, as well as items from various other fandoms.